Dogbone Design Studio is a Los Angeles based designand development bureau offering services within branding, design for print and digital, illustration, Photography and Art \Direction.
The team at Dogbone Associates brings experience, creative excellence and superior innovation to the creation, design and building of modern brands.
360º BRAND DESIGN: brand positioning, brand naming, logo design, corporate identity, brand innovation and brand standard maintenance.

ADVERTISING: creative and art direction, casting, photoshoot production, alternative advertising, retouching and post-production.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: full-service collateral design, signage system and navigation design, broadcast graphics, editorial design, print and artwork production.

DIGITAL DESIGN: full-service internet creative direction, design and technical implementation.

PACKAGE and PRODUCT DESIGN: packaging creative direction and design, shelf-impact optimization, packaging production art and file preparation, rendering, comp and model production.
Dogbone Design Studios
5345 San Fernando Road West
Los Angeles, CA 90039


06.07.12 - Los Angeles Custom Web Design Make Can brand a product or service.

Los angeles custom web design firms have a lot on their plates. The days of design a pretty page is all but gone. Now clients, personal website owners and website directed to ecommerce alike, are looking to Los Angeles website design companies to rank them for success. (more…)

06.07.12 - Website Designers and Development find their Design Jobs in Los Angeles

A Website designer, in Los Angeles, has the best of both worlds, a good paying job and an avenue for expression of his artistic talents. What could be better? If it wasn’t for the unfamiliar territories web owners navigate, a Los Angeles website designer would be on easy street.

Content: Is one the main elements of a well constructed web page. Through web content a website has the capability to shout out to search engines while an internet user is on the prowl. Content not only has to contain a well balance keyword or phrase use, which creates an organic result for search engines, but also provides an interest to  internet user. (more…)

06.07.12 - Los Angeles Web Design Company add the Human Element to Ecommerce

Website designers in Los Angeles, are doing their best to meet all online businesses needs. In order to do so, a consultation with the client is needed in order to determine what those needs might be. Clearly most website owners have no clue how the internet and its team players work. In other words they don’t know what makes it all function and the importance to balance when it comes to function and design of a site. Los Angeles website designers are (more…)

06.07.12 - How Los Angeles Web Development connects the dots between search engines, internet user and websites

Los Angeles web development, would imply that a website exists and a process of development is in motion or needed. Seems like that would be like putting the carriage before the horse. If a website is launched, odds are that the objective would be for it to be visited. Yet without the development no exposure is possible, therefore no one would find the site, through an organic search, and no traffic would be attracted. Did I lose you? (more…)

06.07.12 - Web Development Company in Los Angeles can make an online be noticed

Web development providers, in Los Angeles, know that what an online business owner wants in not always what they need to have a successful business. More often than not, a web owner wants to open his site and see a beautiful, artistic, flashy page, much like a store owner would on the best side of town. There are many similarities to owning and online business and owning a business on a fabulous commercial street with lots of foot traffic. (more…)

06.07.12 - Los Angeles commercial photography agencies take a place in the marketing field in

The wedding photographer, I don’t think they’ve made that movie yet. What way to make a living. Hopping from one happily ever after to the other. And you don’t even have to bring a gift. On second thought, you do, believe me a bride and groom pay for wedding pictures and the photographer throws in the memories. (more…)

06.07.12 - Los Angeles Photography Studio Rental is a good option for Model Shoot.

Before you hire a photographer, do your homework. This crucial advice will save you time, money and aggravation. Whether a photographer is recommended for your event or you found them online, a brief face to face will guarantee you will work well together. (more…)

06.07.12 - Los Angeles Commercial Photography

There are many photography places in Los Angeles not to mention throughout the adjacent cities. Commercial photography in Los Angeles seems to be of major interest and it may just have something to do with the internet and its vastly growing websites dedicated to ecommerce. For every website that launches online there is a growing need for commercial photography. Imagine, if not for graphic design or video, photograph images are the only thing that makes the internet and its websites feasible for human consumption. Wow! (more…)

06.07.12 - Los Angeles Is A Perfect Spot For Photography Services

Where to find a Los Angeles photography center or great photography service here in Los Angeles? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re a bride or a corporate event planner looking for a one stop shop for all your photography needs, you’ll be happy to know Los Angeles is home to some of the most respected photographers in the country. (more…)

06.07.12 - Great Photography Los Angeles spot make urban space marketable for corporate shoots.

You’ll most likely hear no argument that Los Angeles has many photography hot spots. From picturesque seasides to sprawling mountain, space for photography, in Los Angeles has never been scares. Whether you’re doing a fashion shoot or a commercial ad campaign for a name brand product, LA has a place to set up. (more…)

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