Locations, dictate Los Angeles commercial photography place in the marketing world.
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Los Angeles commercial photography agencies take a place in the marketing field in

Los Angeles commercial photography agencies take a place in the marketing field in

The wedding photographer, I don’t think they’ve made that movie yet. What way to make a living. Hopping from one happily ever after to the other. And you don’t even have to bring a gift. On second thought, you do, believe me a bride and groom pay for wedding pictures and the photographer throws in the memories.

A wedding photographer has the task of taking planed photographs either at the studio or a designated location. Photography places in Los Angeles are easy to find. Descanso Gardens in La Canada, fifteen minutes from Downtown LA. Is a beautiful setting for wedding photos any time of the year. I don’t think I’ve ever been there when there hasn’t been a blushing bride and her nervous groom. A photographer calling the pose for the wedding party to line up just right in front of the waterfall.

Some wedding pictures are planned in advance, and a photography place in Los Angeles, is not hard to find.

In any case, a clear understanding of what the bride and groom want, should be clearly defined before the big day. A check list of sorts is always a good way to stay organized during the hectic event. Obviously time and dates, set two alarm clocks, the one thing a wedding photographer will never live down is not showing up.

Discuss the style of photography most suitable for the couple is. If at all possible, spend some time with the couple and get to know their personality. Are they very formal, do they have a particular custom, are they carefree and playful? All questions that will help a photographer and give some direction to the story the photographs will tell. A wedding is not a commercial photography job in Los Angeles, not to the bride, a wedding is for all intended purpose a once in a lifetime event.

Remember that as much as a wedding is depicted as a day of celebration, it is also a day filled with stress and nerves, until the vows are said; a photographer can expect some uneasy moments. A professional photographer will have his part set in advance, he will know the names of to be in-laws and members of the wedding party and even jot down the name of the brides favorite uncle or beloved childhood nanny. In order to gather a large group of people and set them up for a pose, the photographer can’t be running around blind not knowing who’s, who.


There are several formal pictures that must be included in a wedding album.

Ÿ  Headshot of bride

Ÿ  Headshot of groom

Ÿ  Headshot of the couple

Ÿ  Their hands showing the wedding rings

Ÿ  The bouquet

Ÿ  The entire wedding party

Ÿ  The couple and the bride’s parents

Ÿ  The couple and the grooms parents

Ÿ  Full body shot of the bride

Ÿ  Full body shot of the groom

Ÿ  Full body of the couple

Ÿ  The first kiss as husband and wife

Ÿ  The couple’s first dance

Ÿ  The brides dance with her father

Ÿ  The groom and his mother

Ÿ  The first toast

Ÿ  The cutting of the cake

Ÿ  And the feeding of the cake

Ÿ  Throwing of the bouquet

And before the formalities and during the reception, the photographer will get to work on delivering the images that no one noticed. If the formalities are delivered in the wedding album, the unexpected will be the gift from the photographer.

The picture of the flower girl sliding down the stair case in her crisp white dress. The bride’s best friend wiping her tears of happiness. Grandpa doing a modern dance and grandma sneaking in an extra piece of cake. The groom’s friend hanging the beer cans from the couples getaway car. You get the message. While at the wedding a photographer should find a way to create a story, a story that will capture the moment and make it stand still for a lifetime. A wedding is a photography location like no other in Los Angeles.

Before a photographer takes on the commitment of doing a wedding, he must be sure he’s up for the challenge. If not, he should leave it to another Los Angeles photography agency.

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